Competition Series Colombia La Palma y El Tucan Gesha (Filter)

Competition Series Colombia La Palma y El Tucan Gesha (Filter)


Farm: La Palma y El Tucan

Region: Eastern Range of the Colombian Andes, Colombia

Varietal: Gesha

Altitude: 1800masl

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Jasmine, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Mango, Watermelon, Honey

In the lead up to the World Barista Championship 2018, our Singapore Barista Champion, Zenn, worked with La Palma y El Tucan to gain access to one of the best Geshas she has ever tasted. La Palma y El Tucan is an innovative and dedicated coffee company that have become well known for their processing methods, producing coffees loved by coffee drinkers and award-winning baristas/roasters around the world. This Gesha was anaerobically fermented for 47 hours, dried on raised beds for 47 days, then in mechanical drying machine for 24 days. It has an insane white floral and fruity aroma that translates to complex fruitiness in the cup. It gets even more lively as it cools and opens up, making each sip taste like a multi-layered candy with an underlying honey sweetness.

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