Competition Series Colombia La Palma y El Tucan Sidra (Filter)

Competition Series Colombia La Palma y El Tucan Sidra (Filter)


Farm: La Palma y El Tucan

Region: Eastern Range of the Colombian Andes, Colombia

Varietal: Sidra (Heroes Series)

Altitude: 1800masl

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

White Grape, Pear, Dried Mango, Hibiscus, Brown Sugar

Well loved by baristas/roasters around the world, La Palma's Sidra was used by Jooyeon Jeon to win the World Barista Championship 2019. The seeds for these trees were first acquired from the southern region of Colombia and initially expected to grow into Red Bourbon trees. After the plants grew, however, they were found to have longer and flatter coffee cherries than Red Bourbon, and discovered to be a rare cross between Typica and Bourbon. Anaerobically fermented for 43 hours, dried on raised beds for 35 days and in mechanical drying machine for 60 hours, this Sidra is a perfect example of La Palma at its best, showcasing florals and fruits and exhibiting incredible sweetness.

Roasted on 3 July 2019 by Zenn Soon - Singapore Barista Champion 2018.

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